Types of Online Games

Online games are those video games that are played on computers. The types of online games have increased with time and the evolution of these games parallel that of the technology advancements of computers and computer networks. Playing online games has become a great way to pass the time by people of all ages. Before one sets out to play online games it will be a good idea to first get familiar with the different types of online games that are out there. If you’re wondering of what they are, the following are some of the different types of online games.

  • Online Board Games

Online board games are normally played by those people who love playing board games but do not have players of the gaming boards present. Online board games are quite similar to the regular board games and the player gets to play against the computer rather than a human opponent. Some of the popular online board games include games such as Monopoly, Chess and Life.

  • Online Action Games

These games fall under the category of those games that are fast paced and requires the player to complete a number of button combinations on the game controller in order to finish a particular action. Action games require the player to complete various challenges such as combating with an enemy character or destroying enemy tanks, planes or other opponents.

  • Online Casino Games

Casino games are another popular type of online games that are gaining in popularity within Australia and the rest of the world. Casino games are enjoyed by millions of people mainly because they replicate some of the common games found in casinos. And similar to the real life casinos, their online versions also involve the transaction of money, along with real bonuses and prizes. Some of the most popular online casino games can be found at Netent Casino, and include pokies also called slots, video poker, roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and craps.

  • Online Role-playing (RPG) Games

Role-Playing games are set in a fantasy world where players get to pick specific roles and create their own characters according to the options that are given in the game. After the character of their choice has been created, they have to make decisions and complete the story line of the game. Role-playing games involve a narrative that guides the player throughout the game and enables them to complete specific tasks that will help them progress within the game. You can read more here http://mmo-play.com/rpg-games

  • Online Adventure Games

This type of game is mainly a single player game that is normally set in a fantasy world where the main character is challenged with multiple puzzles that need to be completed in order for them to progress within the game. While this genre is sometimes mistaken for Action games, the main difference between the two is that adventure games involves a back story of the main character and has specific mission orders that have to be carried out in order for your character to meet their objective and end the adventure.

  • Online Text Adventure Games

Believe it or not, there are still some people who like playing online games that are played by using texts. This is considered to be the earliest of games in the adventure genre which is also known as interactive fiction. One of the most popular text adventure games was the Zork series  see also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zork which was released in the late 70s. This game allowed its players to enter simple commands with the help of their keyboard, while the game described what was happening. One of the reasons why the popularity of this game dried out with time was because the parsing of the player’s text input required a great deal of programming.

  • Online Real time strategy (RTS) Games

This type of game usually involves specific tasks which have to be carried out such as building an army or an inventory of items. This genre is usually mistaken for strategy games, but there is one major difference that sets RTS games apart from the strategy genre. The main difference between the two is that Real Time Strategy games moves in real time, with players not having to take turns and wait for the next decision. This often involves making strategic decisions to meet an objective in real time without having to wait for orders or having to follow a specific game narrative.

  • Online Puzzle Games

Much like the ordinary puzzle games, the purpose of online puzzle games is to test a person’s logic and thinking skills. These games are designed to challenge the player and usually involves simple player actions or colored shapes, with the main challenge for the player being to think about how to solve the puzzle within a specified timeframe.

  • Online Stealth Shooter Games

As the name implies, online stealth games usually involve the player having to maneuver through a territory, or complete a task undetected by the enemy. These games are normally spy based which requires a great deal of sneaking around unseen by the player.

  • Online Combat Games

Combat games players having to fight in close combat situations against an opponent or multiple opponents. This requires fast reflexes to counter the attacks of the enemy and to learn how to control the complete range of motions and fighting movements that can then be used to attack the enemy.

  • Online Card Games

Those who play online games are familiar with card games. These games do not necessarily involve the use of money like their casino game versions, but are the more simplified form of card games that can be played such as Spades, Hearts, and Solitaire.

  • Online First Person Shooter (FPS) Games

These are shooter games where the players have to play through the eyes of the main protagonist. This allows the player to have more involvement in the game world. While online first person shooter games offer the players an immersive experience, the players do not get to see how they are represented in the game.

  • Online Sports Games

This genre of online games simulates some of the world’s most played sports games such as football, baseball, cricket and basketball. This also usually involves the game characters mimicking real life professional athletes within a game. Sports games usually run in a series, which is updated from time to time to keep up with the game in the real world.

  • Online Visual Novel Games

These are the games that feature static graphics and an anime style art that captivates the player. These games often times include tableau vivant stage plays where the player is required to track statistics and follow a storyline that can lead to multiple plot outcomes. This genre of games is very popular in Japan, where they make up for over 70% of all PC games that are released.

  • Simulation Games

This genre of online games simulate controlling real world vehicles such as aircrafts, cars, tanks and other modes of transportation. The player is required to control and operate these vehicles within the game. Simulations are used by airline companies to train pilots before they are allowed to fly real airplanes.

  • Online Education Games

Online education games are used to teach people certain skills, procedures or practice. This is mainly done to make a particular learning topic more fun and engaging for the learner. These games usually require players to answer a range of questions, which are then automatically marked. These subjects normally include ICT, mathematics, science or languages.

  • Massively multiplayer online (MMO) Games

These games involve playing over a local area network or the internet. The players who play over the LAN network can communicate with other players in virtual chat rooms, which connects many players together regardless of their geographical location. An immense amount of programming is required for creating these games, and they are mostly subscription based. But, these games offer an unbelievable amount of enjoyment and immersion when played, one of the most popular is League of legends from Riot Games.

  • Cross-Platform Online Play

These online games are released across multiple gaming platforms and consoles, including PC, Play Station and Nintendo. This offers the players a unique experience by being able to square off with players using other gaming consoles.

  • Online Exergames

Exergame is a portmanteau of exercise and game. These online games integrate different exercise routines in to the game play, so that players get to work out while they play. Exergames usually fit into the category of entertainment or more specifically, “Exertainment” which refers to adding both entertainment and exercise into your workout routine.

  • Online Mobile Games

Mobile games can be played on your cell phone, tablet, or any other handheld device. Tetris, the first mobile game was developed in 1994. Today, mobile games usually come in the form of downloadable apps or are preloaded into certain devices. Location based mobile games are all the rage these days, with games such as Pokémon Go captivating a whole generation of smartphone users.

Online games evolve on a frequent basis and when some categories don’t fit the bill for them other terms are made to sub-categorize those games. The purpose of this article is not to mix up genres or confuse the reader, but to provide them with some useful information on the evolution of the different types of online games that have been introduced throughout the years.